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Watch Elev8 Pro’s Darkness Falls for Free!

I first saw Elev8 Pro’s Ben Wood wrestle probably 10 years ago on a small independent show in Louisville. We didn’t meet until I cast him in a short film I produced a year or so later. I’ve enjoyed watching his many adventures in wrestling and in film. Did you catch him backing up Arnold in Escape Plan? That was flipping amazing.

Ben is now producing Elev8 Pro, available on Fite. He invited me to watch their latest free episode, and so I am passing the invitation on to you!

Folks, there has never been a time when wrestling fans everywhere had this many options – not even when Corny and Bolin were on the rooftop with their battery-operated TV trying to get the wrestling broadcasts from Hawaii. You don’t like Raw? Then give this a look. You might find you new favorite wrestler and wrestling show all in one fell swoop!