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Update on Tracy Smothers

I just got off the phone with Tracy Smothers. His first round with cancer is starting to look like a squash match compared to the second.

For those who don’t know, his cancer has come back, and the fight is already facing two major obstacles. One, he suffered heart damage due to the heavy chemo in round one, and he’s been hospitalized a few times as a result of that. Two, he also just had surgery nine days ago for a hernia.

Tracy’s ready to fight this cancer as hard as he did last fall, but the heart problems have delayed the cancer treatments and the hernia issue has delayed doctors from treating the heart issues. He’s in a real battle.

Tracy is in it to win it, and he sends his love to all his friends and his wrestling family, and he is asking for prayers.

Tracy also asked me to plug his book, the Go Fund Me, and all the benefit show in Bartonville, Illinois this weekend raising money for his medical expenses. You can find links to all that below:

Order Tracy’s book on

Order Tracy’s book signed from Eat Sleep Wrestle.

Go Fund Me organized by Lincoln Mosely.

October 31 Benefit show in Bartonville, IL

If nothing else, please click here to go to Tracy’s Facebook page. Leave him a note and let him know you’re rooting for him.