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Support My Friend Kenny Bolin

Many people think Kenny Bolin is nothing but a con. He is a bit of a con, and he is definitely all-carnie, but he’s also a one of a kind personality who has entertained many people over the last 30 years in professional wrestling. He’s also a human being facing some scary medical issues and a friend of mine, so here’s my plug.

If you’ve ever been entertained by Kenny Bolin, through wrestling, through his podcast, through his many guest appearances on other podcasts, or through his best-selling memoir, please consider giving a few bucks to help him with his upcoming medical procedures.

Though I won’t break kayfabe and tell you how I know this, believe me when I tell you there’s a good heart behind that Jack Benny/ carnival barker persona. Praying and wishing nothing but the best for the ol’ Starmaker.

Click here to visit Kenny’s fundraiser page.