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Snowball Fight: Girl Fight Delivers Again

Girl Fight returned to its unofficial home base Tuesday night in Jeffersonville with a terrific night of action. The names and faces are always changing, but Mad Man Pondo continues to find new talent to mix with veteran stars and put on a hellacious show.

Tuesday night’s event featured an 8 woman tournament for the number one contendership to Su Yung’s Girl Fight Championship. Aja Perreira impressed fans right out of the gate with a opening match victory, putting on a high energy display of athleticism that would win fans over all night long. Randi West, Amazing Maria, and the returning Mickie Knuckles also won their first round matches against Scarlet, Savannah Evans, and Thunderkitty respectively before the first intermission.

Perreira faced Randi West in the second round and sent shockwaves through the Arena when she scored a victory over the veteran. No one was more surprised than Randi West, but in a show of good sportsmanship, she congratulated the younger star before leaving to a nice ovation.

Amazing Maria faced Mickie Knuckles in an all-out war. It was great seeing Mickie back in action after taking an extended break from wrestling. Mickie had a tremendous run of matches for Girl Fight, Pro Wrestling Freedom, and other promotions earlier in the year before being sidelined with personal issues. She was in rare form Tuesday, not only bringing the violence but harassing Referee Sean all night.

Amazing Maria took the loss but more than held her own against Knuckles. The self-proclaimed “Most Hated Woman in Wrestling” received more cheers than boos in both matches. It’s been a treat watching the young Canadian grow as a performer over the last few years, and I expect big things on the horizon for her in 2018.

The same can be said for Madi Maxx, who took the ring and cut a vicious promo on the crowd before facing Daysie Day in a non-tournament match right after Maria and Mickie. The former OVW Women’s Champion was a new face to most of the audience, but she quickly made enemies of everyone in attendance with her sharp with an take-no-prisoners attitude. Maxx backed up her talk in a show-stealing battle with Day. Maxx got the victory, but both women fought like they had something to prove. These are two names to watch for at Girl Fight and beyond.

Following a second intermission, Aja Perreira faced Mickie Knuckles in a terrific finale. Dressed in boy briefs and a Deadpool—unicorn T-shirt, Knuckles was the clear favorite, but the fans were solidly behind Perreira. Once again it was Perreira shocking the crowd with an upset victory over Knuckles, setting up a championship match at a future show with Su Yung. Knuckles lost the final battle, but she claimed a small victory in the end when she finally managed to give Referee Sean a wet, sloppy lick across his face.

Girl Fight was established for the expressed purpose of exposing more fans to women’s wrestling and helping younger stars gain in-ring experience and back stage wisdom. This promotion continues to deliver on both fronts, and along with a number of other outstanding women’s promotions, it is fueling the fire of the true women’s revolution. Some new stars were born Tuesday night, and rising stars continued their ascent. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for this exciting promotion.