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RD and Blade Poised to Crap on Starrcast II

My favorite memory of Starrcast was when Joey Ryan swung by the table to shake hands with Dr. D David Schultz. This may explain why my second favorite part about Starrcast was hanging out with the Wrestlecrap gang.

I won’t be there for round 2,  but I am thrilled the Powers That Be saw fit to book RD and Blade for Starrcast II. Wrestlecrap had one of the most popular booths at the convention, offering fans photo ops with the Gobbledygooker and Katie Vick. They also tore it up on the stage with two live presentations, including RD going one on one with Eric Bischoff.

I have no idea what the boys are cooking up for Vegas, but take it from me: if you go, you will want to see what they do.

If you go to Starrcast II, plan your day around whatever events Wrestlecrap presents. You can thank me later.