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Pondo Does It Better Than Moolah

Mad Man Pondo is no pimp. He doesn’t take half his wrestler’s wages, and he doesn’t keep them as slaves. What he does is put on some of the best wrestling shows in the country featuring the ladies. If you want to look into the future of women’s wrestling, you have to see Girl Fight!

Mad Man Pondo’s women’s wrestling promotion returns to home base in Jeffersonville at the Arena on Tuesday April 20. Girl Fight Champion Hudon Envy will defend her title in a triple threat against Italian star Miss Monica and the newly crowned Princess of the Deathmatches, Amazing Maria. Mickie Knuckles, Michelle Spradlin, Nina Monet, Khloe, Randi West, Violent Rayne, Tootie, Joseline, and the Varsity Babes are also scheduled to appear.

Founded with the goal of helping you stars gain experience and connections within the wrestling business, Girl Fight has become a launching pad for up and coming women’s wrestlers including WWE’s Sarah Logan, Women of Honor star Kelly Klein, Samantha Heights, Su Yung, and more.

Tickets for Tuesday’s show are just $10. Contact Mad Man Pondo on Facebook to reserve your ticket now!