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Hurricane for Hire in 2020!

For almost 50 years, Hurricane JJ Maguire has been making music with the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart. The pair met in 1971, when JJ won an audition to become the new drummer for The Gentrys, laying down the beats on their hit single “Cinnamon Girl.” Since that time, Jimmy Hart has relied on JJ Maguire to be the music to his lyrics, and the two of them composed some of the most iconic songs in wrestling history.

“Sexy Boy.” “Cool Cocky Bad.” “American Made.” “Demolition.” Jimmy Hart and JJ Maguire penned 114 pieces of music for WWF and WCW including the entrance themes for Bret Hart, Greg Valentine, Jimmy Snuka, The Million Dollar Man, the Nasty Boys, and many more. They were also the music and lyrics on Hulk Hogan’s solo album “Hulk Rules,” and they teamed up to form the beachside bar house band on Hulk’s TV show Thunder in Paradise.

Outside of wrestling the Hurricane had his own solo adventures playing in bands and working for a recording studio in Hollywood, California. He shot pool with Jackie Gleason, talked cars with Henry Winkler, talked Kentucky burgoo with Bob Hope, and even got a kiss from Farrah Fawcett.

In spite of all his success, JJ Maguire was content living a humble, quiet life back in his hometown of Somerset, Kentucky. That is until the day his son came home from school and asked, “Dad, is it true you wrote all those wrestling songs back in the 80s?” Inspired by his kids, the Hurricane chose to come out of retirement and share his story, now chronicled in his autobiography My Life in Heaven Town. Looking ahead to 2020, the Hurricane is looking to get out on the road to meet the fans and even perform a little music.

Hurricane JJ Maguire is currently scheduled to appear in East Elmhurst, New York on November 16 courtesy of Monte and the Pharaoh. He is also booked at the New England Fan Fest in Warwick, Rhode Island in July 2020. He is available for appearances to sign autographs, give interviews (including podcasts), work as a master of ceremonies, appear ringside with talent, and even perform a little music.

If you’re interested in scheduling Hurricane JJ Maguire for your event you can contact him directly. Email him at to get the ball rolling. You can also email me at if you’re interested in having both of us attend and event.

JJ Maguire loves meeting the fans and he’s an energetic and dynamic storyteller. It’s long past time he had a chance to have his own story told!