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Honoring Papa Saint

I am buying a ticket to Destructo Pro’s wrestling show on July 6. I am not sure my schedule will allow me to go yet, but I am buying a ticket to support a wonderful family that has supported me for years.

Jason Saint became a friend before Bluegrass Brawlers, my first wrestling book, was released. He contributed some great memories and photos to the book, and he’s always been exceedingly generous about supporting and promoting my work.

When I met Jason’s father James, it was clear where Jason’s good heart came from. James was kind and warm and funny. If I had a new book for sale, he bought it. Just like his son, he was exceedingly generous and kind not just with me, but with every man and woman in the wrestling business who crossed his path.

The Saint family suffered a terrible tragedy this past weekend. James passed away in a motorcycle accident, and his wife Pam was critically injured. Two friends of James and Pam were also involved in the accident, and while their friend Bill is also fighting for his life, his girlfriend Michelle died en route to the hospital.

No one would blame Jason for taking time away from the business if he chose to do so, but out of love for his father, who he know would have told him the show must go on, he is continuing plans for the second ever Destructo show on July 6. This promotion was a labor of love for a father and son. It meant a great deal to James to build something to help not only his son, but all of the men and women who saw James as a wrestling dad. Jason said the best way to support them right now was to make the show a success, and in honor of James, I am throwing my support behind them.

I’m all about supporting independent wrestling, regardless of where it is or who is running the show, but in this case, it’s not just about the wrestling. It’s about honoring a very special man. My prayers are with all the friends and family affected by this tragedy, and I hope you’ll support this upcoming show as well.

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