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Guess who has the #1 trending wrestling book?

11416754_1440107446310822_276061912_oDaniel Bryan just released a book. He’s arguably the most popular WWE superstar in the last few years after Cena. He’s a phenomenon, and deservedly so.

But he’s not the #1 trending book on

Sure, he’s probably selling more copies, but the guy getting the most looks right now is Kenny Starmaker Bolin.

If you’re not familiar with Kenny, he’s the man who managed John Cena when he was still at OVW in Louisville. He’s been a life-long friend/ thorn in the side to the legendary Jim Cornette. Kenny’s met everyone, worked with everyone, and has stories on everyone. About 90% is all true, but it’s up to you to decide which part fits in that 10%.

It was my honor to help Kenny put his book together, and I can heartily recommend it to anyone with a love for wrestling. About the only wrestling lover I know who wouldn’t want to read it is Kenny himself. Seriously, it’s his story, and the entire time I was writing it, I don’t think he read a word of it.

Jerry Lawler was right. Someone needs to get a copy and read it to him.

Buy your copy now on And while you’re at it, grab Bluegrass Brawlers and get the rest of Louisville’s wrestling story too.