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Can a Virus Change History?

Sometimes, seemingly insignificant events can change history. That’s true for the world at large as well as the world of professional wrestling. If you want a great example, click here read about another seemingly insignificant event that changed wrestling history.

Right now, a virus has completely changed the card for Sunday’s pay-per-view. An illness that everyone has had from time to time has led to changes that upset some fans and energized others.

What will happen if the ratings for Sunday’s show spike because Kurt Angle is there and not Roman Reigns?

What will happen if A.J. Styles and Finn Balor tear the house down?

And on a side note… can we all agree Sister Abigail has had the worst luck since the Shockmaster when it comes to making a debut? Two days before the world finally got to meet her, she comes down with an illness.

Fans who want change, this is an opportunity to do what I’ve been telling you to do: vote with your remote. Vote with your dollars. Tune in. Tweet it out. I can’t promise they’ll listen, especially where it counts, but you know they are watching, and you know they will hear you.