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Bluegrass Brawlers: A must-have for Louisville sports fans

From Ed “Strangler” Lewis to John Cena, the champs were here.

Louisville, Kentucky may not be the first name people associate with professional wrestling, but the River City has had a front row seat to witness the greatest stars in the history of the business. Bluegrass Brawlers tells the story from the very beginning, starting with the circus performers, the barn stormers, and the legendary 19th century champion William C. Muldoon. You’ll learn how Robert Fredericks became “Strangler” Lewis and see how the city first fell in love with the sport. You’ll discover the Allen Athletic Club era (also chronicled in Louisville’s Greatest Show) when Lou Thesz, Orville Brown, Mildred Burke, Wild Bill Longson, and Buddy Rogers put the gold in the golden age.

Memphis fans can relive the glory years of the Louisville Gardens, when Jerry Lawler was King. You’ll read about the world’s first scaffold match, rise of Jim Cornette, and the Jeff Jarrett-Dutch Mantell battle that took place at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. You’ll also read about the hey day of OVW, the developmental system that produced Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena, and many more. Plus you’ll meet the man they call “Starmaker” Bolin and Ian Rotten, the unsinkable promoter of the legendary IWA Mid-South.

Bluegrass Brawlers is the book that started it all for me, and it’s still my top seller. It’s a great gift for wrestling fans of all ages.

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