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A Goode Cause

“The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer is one of the most impressive young stars you’ll see in indy wrestling. He is quick, agile, and deceptively strong. He can fly off the top turnbuckle, and he can take your breath away with astonishing feats of strength.

Right now, Shane’s focusing on another battle. His mother is gravely ill and has been hospitalized for some time. He’s off the road for the moment so he can be by her side, and he’s had the love and support of his wrestling family every step of the way. Right now, Shane Goode and his family can use the love, prayers, and support of the fans.

A friend of the family has started a web page for those who would like to help. Any amount would be a blessing. It’s Christmas, folks, so give if you can, pray if you believe, and let’s hope for the best.

Much love and blessings to Shane, his mother Jeannette, and those who love them.

Please click here to support the Goode family.