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The Louisville Slugger Comes Home

12992332_10205236963237924_1683786514_nAustin Bradley is home and started on the road to recovery. Hoping that his doctor’s visit goes well next week and he can get back in the ring quickly. Here’s a note from the flight home.

“As I am on my flight home and reflect on the month I spent In Japan, I have mixed feelings. I am so happy for the experience. At the same time I am not happy about having to leave early due to this injury. I know I will be back and better than ever. The Zero 1 office made the call and although I was not happy, they were right in sending me home to heal. The fact that I was invited back makes this easier.

“It is amazing to me how much I was able to learn in such a short time. It was defiantly a culture shock but with the help of some of the gaijin vets I learned slowly but surely the ways of the Japanese culture. I owe a big thank you to Sean Guinness, Buffa and James Raideen for putting up with my ignorance to the culture and styles and for having my back and teaching me. Nothing but respect to you guys, and I look forward to coming back and seeing you guys again.

“I’m headed back to Louisville to family and friends, but now its crunch time. I will heal and train and continue to grow as both a wrestler and a person. I want to once again thank the Zero 1 office and wrestlers for the experience and the lessons learned. Also a thank you to Sei Ozawa for being and amazing person. Thank you to DANO, Mad Man Pondo, John Clark, Ozzy Sufi and Allison Blevins for being the best friends a guy could ask for. Thank you to my lady Brittany for staying by my side and being so supportive.

“Last but certainly not least, my family. I love you guys and to my number one fan My mom thank you for supporting me in my dream since day one, you have been an inspiration my entire life and I love you. To my Dad you put up with more than anyone and I am thankful for all your sacrifices and tough love you have showed me. If I can ever be half the man, father and husband you are I will be happy. My brother Collin you are my best friend and I hope one day we will catch this flight together. Thank you to all my supporters. This is a bit corny and long winded, but I want to show my thanks.”

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