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Lend a hand to NOW

 Northwest Ohio Wrestling in Toledo is a local promotion doing things right. They’re bringing in great talent and giving the fans a great show, but their goal goes beyond just producing killer shows. They’re also doing some good for the community, by giving back some of the money they draw to local charities and other organizations.

NOW recently hosted a show that benefited the non-profit that shares a building with the wrestlers. June 18 was to be the start of a new project, a series of events that would raise money for a local Down Syndrome group. Unfortunately, the event never happened. Someone broke in and set fire to the ring and wrestling equipment owned by NOW.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve had vandalism,” says promoter Robert Lopez. “I’ve had my car vandalized. So have other people. Some theft, little things stolen from people. It’s been a problem for a while.”

NOW is asking fans in Toldeo and beyond to help them open the door again by helping them buy a new ring. NOW has a GoFundMe page with all the details including how you can contribute toward their goal.

Toledo is a town with a great wrestling history. Martino Angelo was once the boss, running shows back in the 1970s, and Louisville’s own Jim Mitchell retired to Toledo after his career ended. Let’s help today’s Toledo wrestling get back to what they were doing, presenting top notch wrestling shows and giving back to the community they love.

Visit NOW’s GoFundMe page to donate today. Thank you!