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A New Belt for the Ladies

A great promotion needs a champion to lead it. This Friday, Girl Fight will give this belt to the winner of their first ever championship tournament.


Mad Man Pondo is the mad genius behind Girl Fight. For the last couple of years, he’s been bringing the best of the best together to show the world that anything boys can do, girls can do better. Santana Garrett, Leva Bates, LuFisto, Crazy Mary Dobson, Samantha Heights, Randi West, Mickie Knuckles, Cheerleader Melissa, and Tessa Blanchard are just a few of the amazing stars to appear on cards across the Midwest. Rebel, Su Yung, Khloe Belle Smothers, Slady Wilson, Amazing Maria, and more are scheduled for Friday’s big event.

Friday marks not only the crowning of a champion, but the first ever Girl Fight show in Kentucky. For more information on Friday’s show, visit the event page on Facebook.

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One year later… top ten posts

It’s been a year since I started this blog experiment, and it’s been exciting to see it grow. Here are the top ten posts from the past year:

The Black Panther Jim Mitchell1. The Black Panther Jim Mitchell – Still working on this book, though it’s taking longer than anticipated. Other opportunities and the difficulty of finding solid info on this forgotten trail blazer have made it difficult, but it’s still in the works. Happy to see this was the top post from year one.

2. Help Kenny Bolin Tell His Story – The story is now out and available from, with some help from fans who responded.

3. Everybody Loves Blue Pants – Interview with NXT’s most electric unsigned star. Thanks again to Mad Man Pondo for the hook up.

4. Who is Dean Hill? – Profile on OVW’s legendary announcer.

5. Khloe Belle Turns Hero – “Sista don’t care” in the ring, but outside the ring is another matter.

6. The Outlaw Returns – Profile on wrestler turned actor Ben Wood.

7. Is Shane Goode Enough? – Shane Mercer’s had a tough month, but he got some well deserved attention during the lead up to Tough Enough.

8. Meet the New Owner of HWA – A second life for a beloved promotion in Ohio promotion.

9. A New Hoosier Promotion EMERGEs – Profile on central Indiana’s EMERGE wrestling, available to watch on Roku’s Indie Wrestling Channel.

10. Meet Mary Elizabeth Monroe – She’s now going by Kelly Klein in Ring of Honor, and she’s one to watch in 2016.

Given that independent wrestling dominates the top ten, you can expect more of the same in 2016 from this blog. I also have several book projects in the works in addition to the Black Panther. I’ve been working with the daughter of Lord Leslie Carlton on his biography. I just started a book on women’s wrestling. And research continues on a new Louisville book focused on the Allen Athletic Club of the 1930s-1950s.

Thanks for reading.

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Khloe Belle turns Hero

11010503_863458153693280_8795326039148179383_nFor a young wrestler, Khloe Belle Smothers has a decidedly old school approach to the business. The Confederate flag wearing heel lives and breathes her sport much like her mentor Tracy Smothers, spending as much time as she can on the road and in the ring. Reading through her Facebook feed, one gets the impression that if kayfabe were to make a return, she would have no trouble living her gimmick 24/7.

Khloe Belle may enjoy being bad inside the ring, but last night she made a heroic babyface move, saving a woman’s life. Early this morning in front of her house, a women was stabbed twice by her husband, once in her breast and once in her stomach. It was Khloe Belle who called 911, and shortly thereafter, the police, fire department, and paramedics arrived. After treating her wounds on the scene, EMTs put her on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

“As they were taking her to the ambulance she thanked me and she had this look of relief on her face,” Khloe Belle said on her Facebook page. “I’m glad I was here to help her but what has this world come to?”

The world is indeed a scary place, but there are still good people willing to lend a hand where needed. The woman’s husband is in custody tonight facing charges of attempted murder and violating a protective order. Hats off to Khloe Belle for her quick thinking and kindness. She may be a heel in the ring, but she’s a hero tonight.