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Enjoy Every Moment

My friend Jason Saint loves to take photos. As a fan, he took photos with every wrestling personality he met. Now that he’s behind the curtain working as a manager, he still takes photos with everyone.

Some wrestlers think it’s too much of a “mark” thing to do, taking photos with guys in the locker room, especially the legends and veterans. Others (wisely I think) realize that those photos are memories worth taking.

No one is promised tomorrow, and no one is promised that when you part ways with someone, you will indeed see them again “down the road.”

The last two weeks have been a sobering reminder that the heroes of the past will not always be with us. Chavo, Sr., Nicole Bass, George “The Animal” Steele, and Ivan Koloff are just the latest to leave us forever. The road ends for everyone sooner or later. All the more reason to savor – and save – every moment we can.

Take some photos this weekend. Snap a photo with someone at their table. Take some in the locker room. Don’t be afraid to ask for those selfies. There’s no telling whether your paths will ever cross again.

Love and prayers to the families of Chavo, Nicole, George, and Ivan.