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For the Love of Super Genie


Wrestlers give their time, their money, and their bodies for our entertainment. To this day, the business that profits off their sacrifice has yet to step up and truly care for these people long term. That’s the reason so many independents are always running benefit shows. It’s also the reason the Cauliflower Alley Club exists.

Today, the boys (and the girls, and the fans) also have resources like Go Fund Me that allow people to step up immediately and help ease the financial burdens of medical problems. Right now, it’s Melissa Coates, aka Super Genie, who needs some love.

Most fans know Super Genie as Sabu’s ringside (and real life) companion, but she is also a highly accomplished bodybuilder and professional wrestler in her own right. Like many former wrestlers, who worked as independent contractors without any insurance or 401K plan, she has limited resources, and the COVID-19 forced shut down of the independent wrestling world has kept her and Sabu out of action for months. This is why a Go Fund Me was set up to help her out.

It’s the season of giving anyway, so why not spare a few dollars to help someone in need? You can click here to give on her Go Fund Me page. Or, if you prefer, you can help Melissa and Sabu by visiting Sabu’s Pro Wrestling Tees page or purchasing Sabu’s must-have autobiography from WOHW.

If Sabu or Super Genie have entertained you over the years, there’s no better way to say thank you than this. Please give if you can.

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For the Love of Rico

Word has been circulating for the last few days about Rico Costantino’s health issues. If you’re looking for the real story, here it is.

Rico has been ill for a long time now, and his health problems have come to a head. He is suffering from heart trouble and has a blood clot in each lung. He’s been out of work since May and has no income to speak of right now.

At least two GoFundMe accounts have been set up for Rico, but as of this writing, they have not been verified by anyone close to Rico. Attempts have been made to contact the people behind these fundraisers and inquire how they plan to get the money to its intended source, but no one is responding.

This is NOT intended to say that these accounts are fraudulent; I do not have enough information on them at the moment to say either way.

The best way to send money to help with Rico’s medical bills is through his  Paypal account, If you do not have a Paypal account, you can send an email to the address above, and they will invoice you through Paypal. You can then pay with a credit card without setting up an account. You can also contact Kenny Bolin through his Facebook page, and Kenny will make sure you get an invoice to send payment.

Rico is one of the genuinely nice guys in the business. It was my pleasure to interview him for Kenny Bolin’s book, and I can tell you, he is a humble guy with no axes to grind and nothing but gratitude for the opportunities he had in professional wrestling. He had nothing but love and good thoughts about his former manager, who has spearheaded the Paypal fund drive, and the feelings are mutual between the two. Despite being almost the same age, Bolin considered Rico to be the son he never had.

This is no gag, no money grab. This is a guy with a big heart reaching out to help the brother and friend who would never ask for it, even in his most desperate time.