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Best of 2016 with Damian Sawlty G

The Best of 2016 series continues. Today’s match comes from Damian from the Last Mark Standing Podcast, who picked Lio Rish vs. Ken Broadway at House of Glory 6 for the Crown Jewel Championship.

If you’re not listening to the Last Mark Standing, you’re missing a lot. Go to to subscribe today!

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Best of 2016 with Marc Hauss

Marc Hauss and I partnered up this past year to produce a six part series called Hauss Show, a sketch comedy show about the life of a professional wrestler. The show is available to watch on Marc’s YouTube channel, and we have ten more already in the works for 2017.

I asked Marc to pick a favorite match from 2017. Here’s what he had to say about the video posted below.

“This was for the IWF heavyweight championship where I finally got my one on one match with Sean Carr. I was awarded the championship after Sean was a no show to  multiple shows. This was the match to show who really was the champ.”

I’m excited to continue working with Marc in 2017, and very excited to see what else he accomplishes in the ring. Happy New Year!

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Best of 2016 with Bonnaroo Brittany

My best of 2016 series continues today with Bonnaroo Brittany from the Kick Out at Two Podcast. Brittany’s pick was Gary Jay vs. Tripp Cassidy at Pro Wrestling Freedom, and it’s available to watch below!

Fans of Kick Out at Two, come back tomorrow and I’ll have the Wilkman’s pick as well. You can listen to Brittany, Wilkman, and Righteous Jesse every week (except this week) on the Kick Out at Two Podcast!

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Best of 2016 with Righteous Jesse

The Kick Out at Two Podcast released their final episode of the year today, an interview with Tier 1 Champion Darius Carter! If you haven’t already subscribed, you can find Kick Out at Two on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

Righteous Jesse was also happy to chime in with his favorite match of 2016, Brett Ison vs. Lee Byford:

This match is a favorite of mine for a few reasons- 1. It’s no secret that Brett Ison is my best friend. Getting to see my best friend wrestle in another state for another promotion and get a positive response from the crowd was such a great feeling. 2. It’s Brett Ison vs Lee Byford. If you aren’t familiar with these two they’ve been rivals and partners. I knew this would be a knock down, drag out fight. I was 200% right. These two men gave it everything they had and captured the crowds attention. The match took place at Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment at Famous Pub. I highly recommend this match to anyone who might doubt that strong style has a place in the south.