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Wanted: Backyard Wrestling Stories

My friend Righteous Jesse from the Kick Out at Two Podcast has put out a call for anyone who used to be a backyard wrestler to step up and share their stories.

There’s a negative stigma attached to backyard wrestling, due to the danger involved and the general perception that backyard wrestlers aren’t very good, but the truth of the matter is, backyard wrestling has been the starting point for many wrestlers at all levels of the business. The Hardy Boyz started in the backyard. So did Josh Prohibition and Matt Cross. And New Origins Wrestling in Irvine, now broadcast on the TEN Network on Roku, began as a backyard promotion.

Righteous Jesse is looking for men and women who started out in the backyard. He wants to shed a light on backyard wrestling in the form of a documentary to be released on YouTube. This is not a for-profit venture, but a labor of love on behalf of the wrestlers and fans who continue to keep backyard wrestling alive.

Click here to contact Righteous Jesse on his Facebook page. He would love to hear from you!

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From Bad for Business to Big Business

Three years ago, I sat across a table from an official at a top name wrestling promotion in Kentucky and listened to him dog the multiple Indiana promotions across the river. They were no good, he said. Their wrestlers were no good. They could never work in Kentucky. They were backyard wrestlers, and they and the promotions they worked for were bad for business.

Over the last several months, a number of those no good, backyard wrestlers have made their way across the river to the name promotion. The quality of that wrestling product has gone up. So, I expect, will their business.

I’m not going to name this promotion right here. I’m not writing this to bash them, or the official. I want you to support them as much as the promotions he refused to acknowledge by name because if you are a true wrestling fan, they all need and deserve your support.

As the WWE continues to grow its brands, from Raw down to NXT, it will continue to cherry pick the best of the best from groups like the Kentucky promotion I mentioned. Cream rises, and it’s not too far-fetched to think some of those renegade Hoosier wrestlers will one day reach ROH, NXT – or higher.

Independent wrestling is back, and yes, some of it is pretty darn good. And as I’ve pointed out before, it’s much less expensive to go an support an indy promotion than it is the WWE.

Where will you be watching wrestling next week?