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Kick Out at Two Podcast Update

koatDue to my anniversary last week, I was out of town and unable to share the Kick Out at Two Podcast’s weekly update, so it’s time to play catch up!

Last week’s the gang finally caught up with Anthony Henry, a wrestler they’ve been raving about since they first saw him a few months ago in Chattanooga.

This week the Kick Out at Two Podcast features Dynamite Eric Walker, another “super under the radar” worker the crew discovered during their travels.

That’s the best thing about Kick Out at Two: they don’t just talk to the main event stars. They want to introduce you to the curtain jerkers, the up and comers, the names who will be at the top of the card a few years down the line. Their passion for discovering and promoting the new stars is infectious, and it will make you a fan of the indy wrestling scene.

This is not a paid endorsement I do every week. This is one indy wrestling fan pushing you to join my friends in discovering the amazing talent working the roller rinks, high school gyms, and warehouses across America. Subscribe or download to the Kick Out at Two Podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud today!