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Aria Blake on Kick Out at Two

As a fan of women’s wrestling, I was thrilled when Kick Out at Two did No Men November. I’m equally thrilled that they haven’t waited another full year to book their next female guest.

Aria Blake is only a few years into her career, but she’s off to a fast start. She’s an ACW Women’s Champion who has worked for SHINE, Girl Fight, and many other promotions. She’s a student of Jay Lethal, and this week, she’s sharing her story on the podcast.

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Kick Out at Two Podcast: C.J. O’Doyle

The Kick Out at Two Podcast has a face that might ring a bell with NXT fans. C.J. O’Doyle was on NXT just last week on the June 15 episode. Now, he’s telling his story to the best traveling indy wrestling podcast on the planet. You can watch C.J. in action below, and you can head this week’s podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Righteous Jesse tells me they have a BIG guest lined up for next week. Stay tuned.