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Simply Standing Against Bullies

1528748_10203473480460978_6518421284059482204_nSimply Badd is on a mission to stamp out bullying.

The Louisville native, who now resides in Texas, is no longer doing battle in the ring, but he’s taken to schools to share a message with kids: no one has the right to bully you.

“I wanted to show kids that life isn’t always easy,” he says. In his book My Inside is Brighter Than My Outside, Simply shares his own stories of being bullied as a kid and how an encounter with legendary trapper Rocky Johnson helped him to stand up for himself.

Even as an adult, and a professional wrestler, Simply Badd faced bullies. By sharing his stories, Simply hopes that kids and adults who are victims of bullies will “Look at themselves as a strong, confident, courageous people who feel so great about themselves that no one’s hurtful words can bring them down.”

Simply Badd isn’t just writing about his experiences. He’s taking his message into schools and churches, hoping to empower kids to stand up for themselves and others against bullies.

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