The wild and woolly tale of Wahoo McDaniel, from the gridiron to the coliseum, as told by his wife, family, and friends.

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“When Wahoo was in college, he ran thirty four miles, from Norman to Chickasha. Then he drank a quart of motor oil.” 

“No other player had his first name on the back of his football jersey. When Wahoo made a tackle, the announcer would say, ‘Tackle by who?’ and the people would cheer, ‘Wahoo!’” 

“Did you hear about the time in Bennigans where he was arrested for throwing hot nachos on a girl over the Pac Man machine?” 

The stories of Wahoo McDaniel could easily fill a book, and now, thanks to his wife Karen, they have. From his little league days, when he played for future president George H. W. Bush; to the rebellious spirit of the AFL gridiron; to his glory days when he battled Ric Flair; these are the unbelievable tales of Chief Wahoo. Follow along as the stocky son of a German woman and a Chocktaw-Chickasaw man rises from the football fields of West Texas to the bright lights of New York City to packed wrestling coliseums around the world. 

Friends and family share their stories about the legendary icon, including Baron Von Raschke, Bill Apter, Greg Gagne, Sam Houston, Kevin Sullivan, Jim Cornette, and Wahoo’s sisters Margaret and Dana. It’s outrageous. It’s over the top. But no matter how wild it gets, heed the words of both Jim Cornette and Wahoo’s sister Dana: if it’s about Wahoo, it’s probably true. 

Number of pages: 246.

Book includes signatures from Karen McDaniel and John Cosper.

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