The autobiography of long time independent wrestler Chris Michaels.

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Few men have logged the miles, shook the hands, and put in the work Chris Michaels has to become a professional wrestler. From an early age he knew nothing short of becoming a pro wrestler would have made him happy. Professional wrestling proved to be everything a young boy dreamed it would be. It also extracted a far greater toll on his body and soul than he ever imagined.

In a career spanning three decades, Chris Michaels shared the ring with men like Vader, Steve Austin, Dr. Tom Pritchard, and Marty Jannetty. He had cups of coffee in every major promotion from the WWE to TNA and countless independents. He spent years knocking on one door after another, never getting that big break but never, ever giving up hope.

Michaels holds nothing back, sharing in his own words the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of pro wrestling. He shares humorous stories of ring mishaps and meeting heroes who didn’t disappoint. He reveals the failed relationships, broken promises, dead end roads, and gut-wrenching injuries that should have ended his career. He opens up about the bitter loss of his mother, the one person who believed in him most, and the tragic loss of his friend and mentor Tracy Smothers.

A lesser man would have quit decades ago, but not Chris Michaels. He continues to do the drives, proving to every fan in every building he enters that he truly is Indestructible.

Number of pages: 124.

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