Excitement in the Air: Volume 3


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Like the referee’s hand slapping the mat a third time signaling the pin, so too comes the end of Excitement In The Air – The Voices of Northwest Wrestling with the third installment. Volume 3 continues the tradition set in Volumes 1 & 2, bringing you into the inner workings of pro-wrestling. Insight into the locker-room brawls, promoter promises, and broken promises, ribs from the road, and of course, the in-ring potatoes that carried out of the ring. Northwest legends like Tough Tony Borne, Haru Sasaki, and Earl Maynard shed light on wrestling in Portland back in the day. The Grappler fills you in what it takes to be a booker, including the hits, the misses, and the why’s. Jerry Oats, Johnny Eagles, Art Crews, Tony Kozina and more lend their state of mind and understanding of the wrestling business, giving perspectives not found elsewhere.

Excitement In The Air – Volume 3 brings the end of the journey, but will leave you wanting the proverbial five-minutes more.

Number of pages: 360.

Books are signed by Mike Rodgers.

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