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Headlocks for Hayden

Pro wrestling is a community that cares about its own. Not just the workers, but the fans. Shawna Reed recently lost a special friend, a young man named Hayden Field, an 11 year old boy who loved wrestling. After Hayden died in a car accident, Shawna was moved to put on a show in his honor with all proceeds benefiting Hayden’s family.

Headlocks for Hayden takes place on Saturday, July 13th at 190 N Brookwood Avenue in Hamilton, Ohio. The first ever Hayden Field Memorial Tournament will be one of the highlights, an eight person bracket featuring some of Hayden’s favorite wrestlers: Cody Hawk, Eric Fallen, Mark Magnum, Scotty Amos, Che Solo, Jame Rose, Jay West, and of course, Shawna Reed.

In addition to the show, there will be a merchandise raffle with items donated by stars from Future Great Wrestling, The Code, WWE, Eat Sleep Wrestle, and more.

Tickets are available for purchase at Future Great Comics in Hamilton, Ohio. Prices are $8 for front row (which is selling out fast!) and $6 for general admission. Show information can be found on the Headlocks for Hayden event page on Facebook.


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Big Zo’s Big Impact

Some people like deathmatches.

Some people like the WWE.

Some people like flips and dives.

Some of my favorite wrestlers are guys like Big Zo, who are more concerned with making an impact outside the ring than inside. Click Here to see what this amazing young OVW star is doing to make a difference in the lives of kids.



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How to Become a Legend

ASW is running a show tonight in Madison, WV. It’s a star-studded event featuring the Rock N Roll Express and “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart.

Hart is a legend by anyone’s definition. He’s one of the greatest managers of all time and a Hall of Famer. That makes what he did the other day so remarkable.

Jimmy Hart called promoter Gary Damron a few days before the show and asked what time he needed to be there – to help set up the ring! “Not that we are gonna allow that to happen,” said Damron on his Facebook page, “but just to show what a true heart for the business he has and also to say if he feels he can help setup a ring than anyone should!”

Legends lead by example. Legends never forget where they came from. Legends are never too big to help set up the ring.

Whatever your passion or pursuit in life, take a lesson from a legend. Be humble, remember your roots, and never be too “important” to help set up the ring.

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Chance Prophet: Heel with a heart of gold

13220889_10205183304017146_6861215439708906355_nThis is the kind of photo you’d never have seen in the days of Kayfabe.

That’s a heel wrestler, sitting in full view of the public, head bowed, praying with a young fan. His name is Chance Prophet, and this is not something he did for any publicity. This was a moment that happened spontaneously because a man saw the opportunity to be a blessing to a young fan.

Chance Prophet is a product of southern West Virginia. His Papa introduced him to NWA wrestling at a young age, against the wishes of his mother and his grandmother, and he became a big fan of The Great Muta, the Road Warriors, Sting, and Vampiro.

“My initial training came from Danny Ray Nelson and the guys at Appalachia Pro Wrestling in Oak Hill, WV,” he says. “Later, I was blessed to train with Jesse Hernandez, Karl Anderson, Rocky Romero, and TJ Perkins at the School of Hard Knocks in Covina, CA. My first official match was a doozy. It was a tag match against Big Daddy Venus and Mean Mike Sledge. My partner and I were far from ready, but they had a last minute cancellation. It was a mixed reaction. The people we were tagging against were heading towards retirement, so they had a following, but we definitely got the better reaction from the crowd.”

Prophet’s unique character started with his love for all things Muta. “Then it evolved after coming back from a career threatening injury. My main supporters stopped booking me for shows, and lost track of what I could bring to the table. If they weren’t going to remember me on their own, the twisted individual that they birthed would.”

While the fans and promoters initially pushed Prophet to the dark side, his development as a heel had a surprising effect on his interaction with the fans. “Surprisingly, it seems that the meaner I am, the more they want to get in touch with me. I’ve had more opportunities to pray with someone after being the most evil guy in the room for the past 3 hours. God shines brightest where men would not expect it, though.”

As for the photo posted by promoter Gary Damron, Prophet had this to say. “The encounter I had with Jett was a special one. I’d like to leave his testimony to him, so what I will say is, we’re called to be Christians (anointed ones/Christ like/little Christ’s) wherever we may be. We’re to be ready in season and out of season. Jett needed prayer. I was there, and his friends and family brought him to me. Its more important for me to minister to whomever needs it, than for me to stay in character anyway. All of the spandex and face paint will be gone one day anyways. What will really leave a lasting legacy, on this Earth, is what we do in Jesus’ name. Any platform we’re given is given out of a trust that we will do it to His glory. If we fail to see that, we miss our true calling in life to ‘go unto all the world, preaching the gospel.’ Your life as a Christian was never meant to be contained to four walls and an ordered service. That’s simply your chance to refuel, and take it out to to the world that needs it most.”

For now, fans can see Prophet take to the ring in a number of places including Remix Pro Wrestling in Ohio, AML Wrestling in North Carolina, IWA East Coast, All Star Wrestling and Premier Fight Sports in West Virginia, and various other indies on the east coast.

Chance Prophet has a website, but by his own admission, it’s not often updated. The best place to follow him is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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KO and Prince Pretty Need Your Help

Actually, the people of Alberta need help. Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze are just providing a way for you to do just that. Here’s the pitch from the GoFundMe page to help the fire victims in Alberta:

“Last week, the community of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, was ravaged by a forest fire that still rages on as I type this. Thousands of people lost their homes and everything they owned and had to be evacuated. A few even lost their lives.

“As I watched the footage on the news, I decided I wanted to try and help. It turns out I wasn’t the only one thinking that because fellow Canadian Tyler Breeze was also trying to figure out how to help these people.

“So today, we come togeher in hopes of being able to raise money to help the victims of the fire get back on their feet. All the proceeds from this campaign will go to the Canadian Red Cross. Once the campaing ends, we will post a screencap of the donation on Twitter to prove that all the money donated went exactly where it belongs.

“Today, Tyler and I are each donating $100 to start things off. Everyone who matches our individual donations ($100) will get a personal video message from Tyler and I. Just include your e-mail address with the donation.

“Everyone who gives anything at all will get a follow on Twitter from both of us as a thank you. Just include your Twitter handle with your donation.”

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page and donate now. Thanks!

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Wrestlers Unite for Good

Donovan Dijak of Ring of Honor has started something good, and it seems to be catching on.

Dijak began using to create fundraisers for charity, asking fans and friends to team with him and do some good. It was such a success, TNA’s Michael Bennett and NXT’s Tommaso Ciampa have jumped on board to help.

This month, Wrestler’s Unite has chosen the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan as their charitable cause. As stated on their GoFundMe page, “The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is located in the heart of Flint, MI and has established the Flint Response Fund, which is designated to procuring and distributing bottled water to the residents of Flint.”

The new campaign is only a day old and has already reached nearly 20% of their goal, and all net ends will be going to the Food Bank. If you would like to help, please go to the Wrester’s Unite for Flint, MI page and donate now!

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CHIKARA Pro Wrestling Takes on Human Slavery

On February 6, CHIKARA Pro Wrestling is planning a huge card in celebration of National Pro Wrestling Day. Their Facebook page is promising a stacked card, but what’s truly special about this event, however, is that they plan to make this a fundraiser to fight human trafficking. This is a cause that isn’t talked about enough, one that I support through a number of charities personally. As CHIKARA releases more information I’ll post here, but for now, here’s CHIKARA Grand Champion Princess Kimber Lee with the announcement.

Click here to visit the official web page for the February 6 event.

Bravo, CHIKARA. Way to make a difference in our world.

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A Goode Cause

“The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer is one of the most impressive young stars you’ll see in indy wrestling. He is quick, agile, and deceptively strong. He can fly off the top turnbuckle, and he can take your breath away with astonishing feats of strength.

Right now, Shane’s focusing on another battle. His mother is gravely ill and has been hospitalized for some time. He’s off the road for the moment so he can be by her side, and he’s had the love and support of his wrestling family every step of the way. Right now, Shane Goode and his family can use the love, prayers, and support of the fans.

A friend of the family has started a web page for those who would like to help. Any amount would be a blessing. It’s Christmas, folks, so give if you can, pray if you believe, and let’s hope for the best.

Much love and blessings to Shane, his mother Jeannette, and those who love them.

Please click here to support the Goode family.

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Heels are saving the world!

myraIt has happened again.

A while back I wrote about how the notorious Khloe Belle Smothers helped a shooting victim in front of her home. Last Friday, another pair of heels were involved with a real life shooting, and once again, the heels proved to be heroes.

The incident involved two thirds of the Miami Mafia – The Puerto Rican Princess Myra and her husband “Real Sexxxy” Chet Robbins. The two were at a Louisville car dealership with their son Greg on Friday, October 16. Myra shared the details on her Facebook page later that day:

“A barrage of gun fire erupted to the right of us, and my son and I witnessed a man falling into the arms of a lady who turned out to be his girlfriend. Greg and I ran to the victim’s aid. Greg took his belt and used it as a tourniquet on one leg. Another person ran over with towels and I tied them chettogether to make another one and applied it to the other leg. Greg’s former military medic training and my former NYPD training kicked in… The victim didn’t have any injuries to any major organs. He’s gonna be ok. Not looking for any pats on the back but just wanted to recognize my son who will always be my HERO! I’m proud of you son.”


Myra may not be the most loved woman inside the squared circle, but I’ve always found it’s the heels who turn out to be the nicest folks in real life. Myra is no exception. She’s a lovely person and a devoted Mom. She and her son Greg deserve credit for racing to the aid of a man in need.

The world gets crazier every day, but not all craziness is bad. Strange as it sounds, the heels are turning hero, saving the world one life at a time.

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A little gift for a Giant

Kenny Casanova’s running a small fund raiser for James Harris, aka Kamala the Ugandan Giant. James is a diabetic and currently spending 10 hours a day on dialysis. To help him pass the time, Kenny’s asking some fans to chip in and get him an iPad with Netflix. If you can give, please do.

I strongly urge you to pick up Kamala’s book as well. It’s a great read, and sales go to James too.

Click here to donate.

Thank you!