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A Louisville Slugger in Japan – Day 1

Austin Bradley is on the ground in London, England!

April Fools – He’s in Japan. For real.

Here’s update number one from the Louisville Slugger himself.

12936781_10205188716591788_132765162888746947_nI have been in the air nine hours. I am nervous and excited. As I get closer to Japan I can’t help but look back on my short career so far and all the amazing experiences I have had in and out of the ring.

I remember watching watching the J Cup VHS tapes as a kid and how I bad I wanted to be on this flight. This is more than my first trip to Japan. This is the biggest opportunity of my career, and I know it will not be easy. Physically, I can’t imagine the training I will endure. Mentally, I will have to push myself farther than I ever have.

There was an odd feeling as I said goodbye to my family and girlfriend at the airport this morning. Obviously it is not easy to leave them behind, but that’s what it takes to do this. You have to be selfish and sacrifice.

This business has consumed my life since I was a child. I will not let this experience pass me by. It sounds cliché but I can’t describe the feeling any other way than I am hungry. I’m ready to go to the next level. All my sacrifices, sleeping in cars, moving from state to state. From wrestling at OVW, to D1W to traveling around the states. It’s all come down to this.

Three months from now, everything will have changed: my career, my life, and me as a wrestler and a person. Now its time to put in the work.

To all my friends who made this possible, DANO, Pondo, Ozzy, Jake thank you. To my girlfriend Brittany, thank you for being so supportive. To my family I would not be here without you. I love you all. So here we go. The Louisville Slugger is in Japan.