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Kick Out at Two with Kyle Matthews

This week the Kick Out at Two Podcast presents Georgia-based wrestler Kyle Matthews. Matthews is a 5’7″ cruiserweight with eleven years experience in the indies. He’s a mainstay in the Southeast but has also appeared in CHIKARA and Ring of Honor.

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Two Guests on this week’s Kick Out At Two Podcast

Righteous Jesse, Wilkman, and Britt are getting ready for next weekend’s Scenic City Invitational in Chattanooga, and this week’s episode will get you ready with two featured guests.

Ace Rockwell is a 6′ native of North Carolina. The 13 year veteran is a regular for Empire Wrestling but has traveled all over the country.

Jimmy Rave is the current GWC Champion with Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment. Trained by Murder One, Rave has worked for TNA and Ring of Honor and is currently signed with Global Force. He’s a favorite of the KOAT crew, and both he and Rockwell are entered in the 16-man Scenic City tournament August 5-6.

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A closer look at the Hitman for Hire

If you haven’t heard the Kick Out at Two interview with Hitman for Hire Mr. Grim, you missed a great one.

If you have heard the interview but haven’t seen him in action, you’re not getting the full picture.

This guy is worth a closer look. Please give the video below a watch, and then if you haven’t heard the interview, head to Soundcloud or iTunes and download it now.

Like I said last week, you’ll be able to say, “I remember the first time I heard of the Hitman for Hire!”


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Kick Out at Two Presents Jeff Cannonball

Kick Out At Two Podcast returns this week with CZW’s Jeff Cannonball. The 29 year New Jersey native is a death match specialist. Let’s hope Righteous Jesse, the Wilkman, and Britt can get out of this one with no visible scars.

Give Jeff a look in the match below, then go to iTunes or Soundcloud to download the Kick Out at Two Podcast.

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Fred Yehi on Kick Out At Two Podcast

My friends at the Kick Out at Two Podcast have a guest this week who came within a three count of reaching the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Watch Fred Yehi in action below, then hear the amazing life story of Fred Yehi on KOAT, available on Soundcloud and iTunes!

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The Pro Wrestling Iowa Podcast

Iowa is the high school wrestling capital of the world. Travel to Iowa in the middle of winter and you’ll find arenas packed with fans watching high school grapplers compete in the world’s second oldest sport.

Iowa is home to the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, and Des Moines was the home of legendary promoter Pinkie George and the birthplace of the National Wrestling Alliance. Iowa holds a central place in the history of professional wrestling, so it should come as no surprise that Iowa is home to one of the best commentary podcasts on pro wrestling.

The Pro Wrestling Iowa Podcast is a weekly program covering the national wrestling promotions as well as the local independent scene. Each week they discuss the current storylines on WWE, current events involving professional wrestlers and promotions, and independents wrestling in the Des Moines area and beyond.

This is not a rambling, ranting program made up of old timers lamenting how things used to be. This is solid, insightful discussion about what’s happening on TV and on the local scene in Des Moines from guys who know their stuff. Brad LaFratte, Dustin Smothers, and Kevin Wilder are true wrestling enthusiasts who bring a wide range of experiences and knowledge to the program as well as the Pro Wrestling Iowa website. New contributor Darnell Mitchell brings a fresh take to the program as well as a huge passion for women’s wrestling.

If you’re in or near the Des Moines area and call yourself a wrestling fan, Pro Wrestling Iowa is a must-add to your iTunes podcast subscription, but fans outside the Midwest should give it a listen as well. The Pro Wrestling Iowa team consistently gives great insight on the WWE, and independent wrestling enthusiasts will enjoy discovering what’s happening at 3X Wrestling, Impact Pro Wrestling, and others in the region.

Pro Wrestling Iowa can be heard on iTunes. You can also follow them on Twitter and read more on their website.

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Kick Out at Two Podcast: C.J. O’Doyle

The Kick Out at Two Podcast has a face that might ring a bell with NXT fans. C.J. O’Doyle was on NXT just last week on the June 15 episode. Now, he’s telling his story to the best traveling indy wrestling podcast on the planet. You can watch C.J. in action below, and you can head this week’s podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Righteous Jesse tells me they have a BIG guest lined up for next week. Stay tuned.


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Kick Out at Two Podcast: La Marka

LaMarkaSome weeks the Kick Out at Two brings you names you know. Some weeks, they bring you names you will be glad you go to know first on their show.


La Marka is a unique gimmick wrestler now working for Freedom Pro Wrestling alongside the likes of Al Snow, Billy Gunn, Carlito, the Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer, and Tatanka. According to FPW’s website, he is the “second best wrestler in the world.” Who is he? What gives him the right to make such a claim? You’ll have to listen this week and find out.

Download the Kick Out at Two Podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud now.

And if you haven’t listened to last week’s show with Guns N Beer, please give it a listen. It’s one of the strangest, funniest, and most entertaining interviews you will ever hear on a wrestling show.

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Kick Out at Two: Guns and Beer

Kick Out At Two has another treat from the Midwest on this week’s podcast, the tag team of Guns and Beer. Here’s a match featuring the beer swilling duo vs. Team Lariat at Magnum Pro Wrestling.

You can follow the Kick Out at Two Podcast on Twitter and Facebook to hear this and other great interviews. You can also find them on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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Arik Cannon and Tim Boston on KOAT Podcast!

My friends at the Kick Out at Two Podcast have two special guests this week: Arik Cannon and Cold Stone Tim Boston! You can follow the Kick Out at Two Podcast on Twitter and Facebook to here this and other great interviews. You can also find them on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Here’s a look at Arik Cannon:

And here’s a promo from “Cold Stone” Tim Boston, a man who truly knows how to raise a little heck!