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Kick Out at Two with Richard Holliday and Paul Roma

The Kick Out at Two Podcast gives you two guests this weekend: the young and talented Richard Holliday, and his trainer, WWF and WCW veteran Paul Roma!

Click play on the video below to see Roma and his protege in action, then tune in to hear teacher and student on this week’s episode.

Kick Out at Two is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.

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Aria Blake on Kick Out at Two

As a fan of women’s wrestling, I was thrilled when Kick Out at Two did No Men November. I’m equally thrilled that they haven’t waited another full year to book their next female guest.

Aria Blake is only a few years into her career, but she’s off to a fast start. She’s an ACW Women’s Champion who has worked for SHINE, Girl Fight, and many other promotions. She’s a student of Jay Lethal, and this week, she’s sharing her story on the podcast.

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Get to know today’s indy wrestlers. They are the stars of the future.

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Damien Wayne on Kick Out at Two

Me: Who’s on the podcast this week?

Righteous Jesse: Damien Wayne.

Me: Sounds like a Batman fan.

Righteous Jesse: I didn’t even think about that!

The Kick Out at Two Podcast is back this weekend with long time veteran, Damien Wayne. Wayne is a two time NWA National Heavyweight Champion and a one time NWA North American Champion, and he’s held multiple individual and tag titles at promotions around the world.

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Tracer X on Kick Out At Two

Tracer X maybe one of the youngest guests to appear on the Kick Out at Two Podcast, but he’s already put together an impressive resume. He’s been the TCW Lightweight Champion, a Rhymer Cup winner, an SWA Tag Team Champion, the CWA Cruiserweight Champion, and 2013’s Indy Hotseat Lightweight of the Year.

Download the Kick Out at Two Podcast this weekend and learn more about the riding Millenial star. You can find Kick Out at Two on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.

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Two Guests on Kick Out at Two This Week

The Kick Out at Two gang had three guests on last week’s program, including the party animal Joey Ryan and one of their favorite discoveries of 2016, Mr. Grim. The multi-guest format may be a new trend for them, as they are featuring two more guests this week.

Get to know Bad Boy Joey Janela and AIW graduate Dominic Garrini on this week’s edition of Kick Out at Two, available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

Indy wrestling is growing in influence and popularity every year. Enjoy your WWE, but do not miss out on what else is happening in the crazy world of pro wrestling.

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You have to hear this story

The hosts of Kick Out at Two have a real fondness for Mr. Grim. You will, too, when you hear the story that he shares on this week’s podcast. It is, as they say on the show, the kind of story that can only happen to a wrestler.

Hear Mr. Grim early in the show, and stay for the interview with Joey Ryan.


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Wanted: Backyard Wrestling Stories

My friend Righteous Jesse from the Kick Out at Two Podcast has put out a call for anyone who used to be a backyard wrestler to step up and share their stories.

There’s a negative stigma attached to backyard wrestling, due to the danger involved and the general perception that backyard wrestlers aren’t very good, but the truth of the matter is, backyard wrestling has been the starting point for many wrestlers at all levels of the business. The Hardy Boyz started in the backyard. So did Josh Prohibition and Matt Cross. And New Origins Wrestling in Irvine, now broadcast on the TEN Network on Roku, began as a backyard promotion.

Righteous Jesse is looking for men and women who started out in the backyard. He wants to shed a light on backyard wrestling in the form of a documentary to be released on YouTube. This is not a for-profit venture, but a labor of love on behalf of the wrestlers and fans who continue to keep backyard wrestling alive.

Click here to contact Righteous Jesse on his Facebook page. He would love to hear from you!

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Kick Out at Two Parties with Joey Ryan

It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in independent wrestling. Most casual fans who only catch the occasional episode of Raw would be hard-pressed to name even three independent wrestlers. But you’d have to be living under a rock not to know who Joey Ryan is. Even if the name escapes you, it should only take a little prompting to remember some of the buzz-worthy moments this international star has produced.

The Kick Out at Two Podcast is kicking of 2017 in style with wrestling’s biggest party animal. Download their show every week on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher to learn more about the top starts in independent wrestling.

Make a resolution this year to go beyond Raw and see what’s really happening in the world of professional wrestling.

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Best of 2016 with Mr. Darius Carter

If you missed the last Kick Out at Two Podcast of 2016, go back and download it now. Mr. Darius Carter is the current Tier 1 Champion, and he is exactly the kind of wrestler we need to restore true greatness to the industry. He has an enormous respect for the history of the wrestling business, and he’s determined to bring back a lot of what’s been lost the last few decades.

Mr. Carter shared this introduction for his best match of 2016:

“This match took place at Warriors of Wrestling’s 100th Show, and was the 4th Defense of my No Limits Championship. It’s no secret to those familiar with me that I’m big on making history, and to say I was able to defend my title – which I would hold for 366 Days – at this promotion’s 100th show ever is a major deal to me. A fair amount of promotions these days seem to struggle making it to 10 consecutive monthly shows, let alone 100, and to have been a contributor to WOW’s continued success means I am doing my job properly. As reputable as WOW has become in their near-decade of running, I want that same reputability for myself as well. Taking part in matches like this, on shows like this, is the pathway to that & none of it can ever be taken away; THIS is what building a legacy is all about.

“My brand of change has only begun…”

Watch and enjoy Mr. Darius Carter in action below!

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Best of 2016 with Bonnaroo Brittany

My best of 2016 series continues today with Bonnaroo Brittany from the Kick Out at Two Podcast. Brittany’s pick was Gary Jay vs. Tripp Cassidy at Pro Wrestling Freedom, and it’s available to watch below!

Fans of Kick Out at Two, come back tomorrow and I’ll have the Wilkman’s pick as well. You can listen to Brittany, Wilkman, and Righteous Jesse every week (except this week) on the Kick Out at Two Podcast!