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Khloe Belle turns Hero

11010503_863458153693280_8795326039148179383_nFor a young wrestler, Khloe Belle Smothers has a decidedly old school approach to the business. The Confederate flag wearing heel lives and breathes her sport much like her mentor Tracy Smothers, spending as much time as she can on the road and in the ring. Reading through her Facebook feed, one gets the impression that if kayfabe were to make a return, she would have no trouble living her gimmick 24/7.

Khloe Belle may enjoy being bad inside the ring, but last night she made a heroic babyface move, saving a woman’s life. Early this morning in front of her house, a women was stabbed twice by her husband, once in her breast and once in her stomach. It was Khloe Belle who called 911, and shortly thereafter, the police, fire department, and paramedics arrived. After treating her wounds on the scene, EMTs put her on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

“As they were taking her to the ambulance she thanked me and she had this look of relief on her face,” Khloe Belle said on her Facebook page. “I’m glad I was here to help her but what has this world come to?”

The world is indeed a scary place, but there are still good people willing to lend a hand where needed. The woman’s husband is in custody tonight facing charges of attempted murder and violating a protective order. Hats off to Khloe Belle for her quick thinking and kindness. She may be a heel in the ring, but she’s a hero tonight.

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For the love of Jerry Lynn

Sometimes wrestlers are babyfaces outside the ring. I’ve highlighted stories of a few on this blog. Sometimes, it’s the fans that step up to do something good for someone they care about.

It’s no secret that many professional wrestlers do what they do without the benefit of insurance. They’re in a high risk profession, and save for the few who can afford it (or get it through another job), most wrestlers do not have the resources for major medical treatment. When word got out about Jerry Lynn’s medical needs this week, friends and fans responded. Big time. What a way to say thank you for a lifetime of sacrifice in the ring.

Wrestlers don’t make a lot of money. Even in the WWE, many of the stars we love struggle to pay the bills. That’s why it’s so important to hit the gimmick tables during live shows to buy a DVD, a T-shirt, or an autograph. It means as much to them as it will to you. Maybe even more.

Click to visit Jerry’s GoFundMe page.

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Another reason to love Titus O’Neil

Here’s something to chase the blues away while we mourn the loss of a legend. There’s a lot of reasons to like Titus O’Neil in the ring, and he keeps on giving us even bigger reasons to like him outside the ring.

I won’t rehash the story here, but I’ll direct you to read it here and see Titus’s Instagram video.

Do good for someone today. Thanks for the reminder, Titus.

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Chris Hero is going to kick ALS

How long can Chris Hero wrestle?

Long ago, Hero had an epic battle with CM Punk that lasted 43 minutes. They followed that up with a 93 minute war that still has people talking. But can he go two hours? Three hours? Fans in Canada may soon find out!

The independent wrestling superstar has accepted a challenge from Smash Wrestling, and it’s for a good cause. They’re doing a fundraiser for ALS research in Canada, and it’s up to the fans just how long Hero will wrestle on July 7 in Etobicoke.

If the fans raise $500 (Canadian dollars), he’ll go 30 minutes. If they raise $1000, he’ll do an hour. If they hit $1500 he’ll do 90 minutes, $2000 he’ll work two hours, and so on, and so on.

In the early days of wrestling, it was not uncommon for men like Farmer Burns, Duncan C. Ross, and William Muldoon to wrestle for hours on end, into the wee hours of the morning. It’s unheard of in the modern era, but it’s been done before.

Hero’s gone some amazing distances in the past. This time he’s doing it not for fame and glory, not for nostalgia’s sake, but for a good cause.

Please go to Smash Wrestling’s website and donate to Chris Hero’s ALS Gauntlet Challenge!

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Wrestlers are like family

There’s a bond that forms among wrestlers, referees, announcers, promoters, and fans that’s almost like family. When one person hurts, everyone feels their pain. Everyone rallies to be by their side. Today, the wrestling community in the Midwest is standing by two of its own.


This morning, when Ohio wrestler Aaron Williams went in for surgery on his ACL, his Twitter and Facebook page lit up with thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. Surgery went well, and Aaron’s already looking forward to rehab. Aaron’s a class act, one of the nicest guys in the business, and I for one can’t wait to see the baddest man alive return to action.

The other person feeling the love is Rick Brady, promoter of Premier Destination Wrestling (formerly Destination One). Rick and his family lost everything when their home was flooded several weeks back. Rick had already decided to close shop on PDW before the flood, but last night, word came out that the men and women who worked for him are putting on a benefit show.

rick_brady_benefitThe show will be May 5th at the Production House in New Albany. Tracy Smothers, Mad Man Pondo, 2 Tuff Tony, Crazy Mary Dobson, Lennox Norris, Dash Venture, Matt Atreya, and Mitchell Huff have all committed to be there for their old boss. I’ve been a fan of D1W/PDW since my first show in January 2014, and if you’re in the area, this will be a show worth seeing. And for a good cause.

Stories like these were part of the inspiration for this blog. It’s not just love of wrestling that unites us. It’s love for our neighbors.

Do something good for someone today.


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A Different Wrestling Bunny

Over the last year, a number of wrestlers have put on a bunny suit for the WWE. Justin Gabriel is one. Sammy Zayn is another. Even CZW owner DJ Hyde played the bunny. Twice.

Ian Rotten has never worn a bunny suit to the ring, but he played bunny in real life this Easter. The baskets you see in the photo were put together by the King of Hardcore and a few of his wrestling family for some kids at a Louisville homeless shelter.


Whatever you’ve heard about Ian Rotten, give credit where it’s due. The man has a big heart beneath all the scars.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Ian’s IWA Mid-South promotion is once again on hiatus, but there’s little to no chance Ian’s booked his last show. He’ll be back, and his crew and his fans will be there when it happens.

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Get to know Tim Donst posted this video with indy wrestler Tim Donst today. Donst was recently diagnosed with cancer. It’s put at least a temporary halt to his wrestling dreams, but Donst (real name Mike Hopes) is doing a lot to use his situation to encourage others fighting cancer, especially kids. Watch the video, then go to to learn more about him.