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The Secret of Their Success

There are few independent tag teams on the same level as the Carnies. Over the last few years Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful have evolved from the boy and his dog gimmick to the dark and devilish act that has fans everywhere taking notice. Iggy is a master on the microphone, a born heat magnet who frightens children and infuriates their parents, and the pair can brawl with anyone from the Hooligans to the Bomb Shelter to the Baka Gaijin.

One needs only to see what happened after their match Friday night at Pro Wrestling Freedom to understand why the Carnies have not only become one of the best duos in. As soon as the match after theirs began, Iggy snuck out of the locker room, around the arena to the gimmick tables, and took a seat beside Brutal Bob Evans. Bob is the “Obi Wan Kenobi” of indy wrestlers, and while the show continued, Iggy sat for ten minutes and listened as Bob broke down their match.

The Carnies are the Carnies because they never stop improving. As talented as they are, it’s their humility and desire to keep on learning that fuels their continued ascension. They are a link in a chain that goes back decades, learning from Brutal Bob as he learned from those who came before him. What’s more, the Carnies are already mentoring guys younger than themselves, offering rides and wisdom to guys who are willing to show up and make the drives.

You are never too “good” to learn from others. Whatever field you are in, whatever your dream, seek out those who are more experienced, and learn everything you can from them. Then pass on what you have learned to those who come after you. That’s how everyone gets better. That’s how everyone succeeds.