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The Big “C” Picked the Wrong Opponent

Readers of Eat Sleep Wrestle (the book and the blog) know I am a huge fan of LuFisto. Any time she’s in the area, I make an effort to get out and see her. She’s a true pioneer of women’s wrestling, and a phenomenal person outside the ring.

LuFisto recently announced on her Facebook page that she has cervical cancer. There is treatment available to her, but her medical insurance is only going to pay part of the bill. LuFisto is Canadian, but she has lived and worked in the United States long enough she no longer qualifies for free health care.

The good news is there is something fans can help. You can go to her website and buy something. LuFisto has Best Of DVD compilations, T-shirts, autographed photos, and even used wrestling gear available for sale.

If you’re a fan of independent wrestling and/or women’s wrestling, please join me and visit LuFisto’s website, Even if all you can afford is an autographed photo, every dollar helps.

The independent wrestling community is an incredibly generous and supportive one, filled with people who genuinely care about one another beyond the arena. I’ve seen fans and workers band together for a number of causes over the last few years. I have no doubt the same will happen for LuFisto.