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Resolve to Discover Indy Wrestling

I just watched one of the best matches I saw all year in 2017 starting at 11:30 on December 31. This match didn’t take place on the East or West Coast, but 9 miles up the Interstate from me. This was the third battle in 2017 between Mance Warner and Anthony Henry at IWA Mid-South, a match I had seen hyped all over Facebook and Twitter. It lived up to the hype. This was no spot fest. This was not two men no-selling moves that would kill a man. This was a slug fest from start to finish, an absolute brawl that made me gasp audibly over and over. It was a delight to watch.

Folks, if you’re fed up with the Fed, done with the TV cartoon wrestling, looking for some real action, you can find it. And odds are, it’s happening a lot closer than you think. These are a few of the match ups happening less than an hour from me in the Louisville area:

IWA Mid-South in Memphis, Indiana on January 4: Hudson Envy vs. Su Yung; Myron Reed vs. Shane Strickland; Ace Perry and Jimmy Jimmy Jacobs vs. Aaron Williams and a mystery partner.

NWA Mid-South in Madison, Indiana on January 5: Hayley Shadows vs. Karma; Van Martigan vs. Jason Kincaid.

Pro Wrestling Freedom in Jeffersonville, Indiana on January 12: Myron Reed vs. Tyler Matrix; the Hooligans vs. the Bombshelter; the Carnies vs. Adam Slade and Kevin Giza; Shane Andrews vs. Gary Jay.

Prodigy Pro in Memphis, Indiana on January 25: Shane Mercer vs. Dominic Garrini; Hy Zaya vs. AR Fox; a fatal four-way featuring Daniel Eads vs. Corey Storm vs. Gary Jay vs. Logan James; the Rejects vs. the Night Ryderz in a TLC match.

And that’s just the month of January.

Stop wasting time griping about wrestling online. Find something you love and get back to enjoying wrestling. There’s something for everyone on the indy scene. It may be online; it may be in your own backyard.